Pro-Advance International Co., Ltd.




Different from  offeset printing as PA-1408, this hot stamping workmanship makes the graphic design looks more  realistic and 3-D effect by clear gradation .
This is a very latest workmanship. However, it has several  restriction as below.
1>. The background ( PU )  must be white color.
2>. The color of the hot stamping could  be only 6 colors. It is
      Red 186C,  Pink 190C,  Green C,   Blue 2945C,     Purple  7678C,   Black 6C.
      Designer can use these 6 colors to design any artwork. Such as flower, butterfly, house, horse, spiral pattern, ......etc.  It  is only one color per artwork design. MOQ is 1,000 PCS/color/artwork.